Amazon PPC Campaign Optimization Best Practices

21Nov, 2017

If you are wondering about how to get the most out of your PPC campaigns, you have come to the right place. PPC campaigns are undoubtedly an effective way to drive more traffic to your Amazon product listings. Many people have enjoyed the real benefits of the PPC campaign. The increasing sales is a commonplace after using this marketing tool. If you are considering to use Amazon PPC advertising program, you will surely boost your product listing without wasting time and effort. The statistic shows that the Amazon PPC has been responsible for over 1.5 billion transactions in Amazon. The number says its proof. If you haven’t used this opportunity before, you may miss the hype of Amazon sales that are experienced by other sellers.  Here are the best practices that you can do.

Elaborating the Campaign Types You Use

Your Sponsored Products can be promoted in two ways, Automatic PPC Campaigns, and Manual PPC campaigns.

In the Automatic campaigns, the tool will automatically run your ads campaign without the human’s manpower. That means it is a hand-off solution for you. The Automatic PPC Campaigns are prevalent for beginners who are not knowing the insights of PPC campaigns just yet.

Automatic campaigns is a simple and straightforward option. They don’t focus on keywords. These are optimized by the inner factor of your product listing. That means you need to amp the product page quality up to increase the success rate of the campaigns. It can be seen as a downside of this option. If you are not optimizing your product page, it will be hard to achieve your goals.

When using this type of campaign, you must consider using the negative keywords. These negative keywords are used to prevent your product to be sponsored by other brands. The last thing you want is that your customers will be seeing other product listings when searching the keywords of yours. For instance, your competitor is using an “A” brand on their page, you may want to categorize that as a negative search term. The negative search terms feature can also be conducted in the Manual campaigns.

Manual Campaigns have their own perks, especially if you are hitting some keywords. Although this includes broad match types, you can also use this to hit the exact keyword match types. The broad match will offer broader traffics exposure. Your product will be shown as the recommendation in the other similar products. For instance, if your main keyword is teak bench, then the users can also find your product when they type “teak furniture”, “teak wood”, and so on.

Exact Match, as the name suggests will focus on the term that showcases the exact phrase, or the pluralization. For instance, your keyword is teak bench, the customer search term can be “teak benches”, “teak bench set”, and so on. For a manual campaign, you can add up to 1000 keywords per ad group. Imagine how many possibilities that you can leverage by this option.

Structuring Your Campaigns

The Sponsored Products setting can be a daunting task to do if it is your first time. Most sellers would like to try to have one campaign at a time. But you won’t know what kind of campaign that is effective for you if you don’t try both automatic and manual campaigns.

It is suggested to group specific products for Automatic PPC Campaign, and the others for Manual PPC Campaign. To get greater relevancy toward customer search terms, you could consider splitting out the ad groups by the name of your product. For instance, you are selling teak bench, then you will have one campaign of automatic, and the other one of manual. With having them both running together, you will enhance the possibility to maximize the search terms result.

The first is always worse

You need to keep in mind that your first campaign won’t give the desired result. No matter the result is, it does not hurt to analyze it. The good thing here is that you can do a small test by using the automatic campaigns. See the results and find out what your customers are looking to finding your product. You can use that information to find the relevant customer search terms.

Monitor your campaign

You will need to set your daily budget and monitor the campaign on daily basis. Although it is quite a job, you will get many benefits from it. Many sellers overlook to do this and end up with budget depletion even before they taste the profits. People in different areas have a different time to shop online. So if your daily budget is done before the time, you could possibly miss your opportunity to generate more sales. Monitoring your campaign will help you to determine the next moves. For instance, your daily cap is lower than your daily budget, you will need to alter your strategy so that you can increase your campaign performance. Always check your budgets at the end of the day.

The keywords bids

You could set the maximum amount that you are willing to spend on the keywords you choose. The good thing to realize here is that you will not pay unless your ad is clicked by the Amazon users. The common mistake done by the beginners is that they often neglect the keywords relevancy for their product. They think that when they cast the net widely, they will catch more fishes. Well, Amazon algorithm does not work that way. You need to keep in mind that you are not the only one who bids the specific keyword. You have competitors as well. If you are advertising one which is not relevant to your product, you may end up depleting your budgets. The easiest way to assess this is by looking at the impressions and clicks numbers. If your ads receive tons of impressions but few clicks, then your keywords might not be relevant to what your customers look for.

When is the right time to launch your PPC campaigns?

So it is not only about what to launch, but also when to launch it. So, when is the right time that you activate your Amazon PPC Campaign? There is no actual rule about this, but you will meet the possible results when you launch a new listing with some reviews. If your product has received 2 or more reviews, it is the right time to launch your PPC campaign. Why? Simple. The other users will be more convinced if there are some customers who have tried the product. They like to see the reviews before deciding to purchase. A listing without review might work slowly. If you strive fast result, you will need to know the right time to launch the campaign.

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