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Amazon Product Description Writing

Demolish your competition with a professional Amazon listing optimization

Professional Amazon Product Description Writing Services

It is important to build a good relationship with customers and prospective ones in order to reserve the sales of your product. When prospective customers visit your product listing page, they will want to get accurate information about the product. In turn, it is the seller’s job to explain the products to their customers as clearly as possible.

The product descriptions in your amazon product listing will be the first thing to read prior to buying the product. It is also an important opportunity to convince your buyers to make a purchase. The human attention span only lasts for a few seconds. If the wordings are not captivating enough, they tend to look away and skip to the next providers.

In this case, let the SPROMOTER agency help you to create and boost your product information for your Amazon store.

SPROMOTER has such prominent expertise and experience in copywriting the Amazon product listing. With years of experience, we have known the way to win the customers’ heart in very different scenarios.

Amazon Copywriting Services Include

Through our product description writing services, you can rest assured that your Amazon product will be relevant to your customers. Our professionals will put relevant and engaging words to drive the product sales and boost the significant conversions.

Our internal team consists of talented and experienced copywriters who are ready to deeply research about your products. From the data they get, they will tailor the particular product description that can directly connect to your target audiences. Not only for creating an informative product description, but also engaging and comprehensive. Our writers pay attention to all of the important variables in writing an effective product description that really converts. You can worry less about the technical details since our professionals will cover for it. Our writers are sworn to conduct the practices according to Amazon’s guidelines.


Our Top Amazon Product description writing service

In a nutshell, we can objectively identify the rooms for improvement in your product description space. When you decide to outsource your Amazon product description writing services to sPromoter, we will assign our dedicated team of writers to work closely with you or your representative. The idea here is to tailor the product description according to your business requirements and needs. We will fetch the necessary information of your brand and products so that we can create copies that stand out of the crowd. If necessary, we’d also scout on your competitors and optimize the descriptions by getting ahead of them.

We are tweaking the product descriptions with the important components for the Internal search engine of the Amazon Marketplace. But it does not end up there. SPROMOTER professionals also conduct the solutions with the framework that is suitable for outer search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and many more.

Our Excellent Amazon product Description Writing Services include:

Authentic and Engaging Product Titles

Amazon set the limit of the product title to 60 characters. In other words, you only has short chance to capture your audience’s attention. Handing over this task to PROMOTER will be a great idea since we can help you to create unique title that works under 60 characters. Not only engaging, we can guarantee that it will be keyword-rich as well.

Product Highlighted Points

PROMOTER writers will highlight your product features and benefits in dense and effective format. Ideally, the bullet points can work like a charm. These can also help the audiences to grasp the compelling selling points of your products without wasting their time. In turn, it will also convince them to take action faster.

Captivating product descriptions

The key to successful sales is to communicate well with your potential buyers. That’s why your Amazon product descriptions need to be interesting and engaging. We will proofread and check the descriptions to perfection.


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