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A+ Product Description Writing Service

Demolish your competition with a professional Amazon listing optimization

Professional Amazon product description writing services

It’s All About Getting Ahead of the Competition The #1 priority is to capture the Amazon shopper’s attention and set apart your product/brand from the competition. Hitting your customers with the right message, in the right place, at the right time.

Our Amazon product listing optimization is the most powerful and persuasive writing to catch the attention of your potential customers and convince them that your product/brand is the right one for them.

Amazon Copywriting Services Include

  • Product Title that hooks your readers and captures their attention
  • 5 bullet points highlighting the major benefits of your product to set you apart from similar listings.
  • Product description with HTML that engages and informs your readers to compel them to make the purchase.
  • Keyword research for your product to further improve your ranking. These are the keywords that buyers use when finding your product.
  • Content that is optimized to Amazon’s unique search engine to improve your ranking.
  • Personal feedback for your listing (title, bullet points, description, reviews, etc) so you can make improvements right away.
  • Sent to you in a Word document so you can easily copy and paste it into your listing.

Why you need professional Amazon product description writing services

Ranking your products on Amazon search results

Even though SEO is mainly associated with Google, Amazon SEO is more important for sellers. Their algorithm is very different from that of Google or other search engines, which means your Amazon product description writing should be done accordingly. Without Amazon search optimization and the proper keywords, you’ll end up among millions of sellers who get few or no sales.

Persuading customers to buy your products

The second and equally crucial role of a great product description on Amazon is to actually sell your product. The description should include all the necessary information about your Amazon product and convince customers that they need to buy them generating sales.

Creating Enhanced A+ Product Detail Pages for Amazon

Amazon A+ content pages offered by Amazon makes sure that visitors of the website will only be exposed to enhanced content. This means that each product that is posted should comply with the guidelines that are set by Amazon. Vserve makes sure that the content of all of your products will be interesting and engaging enough to make people want to purchase from you. From images that can be clicked to be enlarged and viewed better to buying guides and comparison charts, you can expect amazing services from us.


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