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Amazon Product Optimisation Ultimate Guideline

Amazon Product Optimisation Ultimate Guideline

Are you starting your journey as an Amazon Seller?  Or perhaps, you have been around for a while but wondering how to optimize your product so that you can sell very well.

The key to get enormous income from Amazon platform is to consider your Amazon Seo in your product listings. For instance, your Amazon product title will need to be catchy and informative so that your You don’t have to spend thousands to join an online class to improve your Amazon product listing skills. Consider our tips below to make your listings more visible to the market. buyers will not hesitate to take the products from you.

Write your product title Properly and effetely

Guideline from amazon

The Amazon product title will be the first thing that your audiences will see in your product besides the images. You can write the title up to 250 characters. But you could go with something below it.

Your title should be impactful, short, and dense. It also needs to contain accurate information about the product you are selling. For instance, if you are selling a pair of shoes, consider adding these into the title: brand, model, size, colors, etc. Numbers should be always numerals. Do not include the price in the title.

Upload High quality product images for Customer

You can upload up to nine images for each product you list. That includes the featured image as well. Make sure that your images are high quality. Your photos should be clear and professional so that your buyers can grab the information accurately. The images should also demonstrate the characteristics of the product from its design, shape, colors, etc. Do not just upload one photo. You can add more photos with different angles or details on a few components or parts.

The product features and perks

Describe your product in points, especially for its perks, features, advantages and selling points. Amazon gives you numerous 1,000 characters to describe your product. You can also include the particular search terms that delegate your product. These keywords will also improve your Amazon Seo. Make sure to bring the description based on the fact of your product.. The bullets are important to attract your audiences. However, you don’t want to use them for pointing the features excessively. Focus on the features first.

Describe your product benefit well

In the product description section, you are not only adding the product keywords, but also the appropriate search terms to improve the Amazon seo in your product listing. It is the section that gives you the opportunity to give your buyers reason about why they have to choose your product. people look product for solved the problem currently they have, Make sure you are including the all unique and essential benefit at description with images and lifestyle example as well for better results.

You can add up to 2,000 characters in that box.

Use short sentences to make your buyers easier to absorb all of the information. Include the details about your product and brand there. List the features and benefits that your product offers. You can also include the product keywords to boost the Amazon Seo of your product listing. Keep in mind that you cannot add the reviews from experts or past customers in it.

The Effective keywords Selection

To boost your product listing Amazon Organic ranking, it is imperative to decide the product keywords that you are targeting. The misuse the keywords can affect the ranking of your product listing. Don’t make the mistakes so that your competitors can snatch the buyers from you. You must focus on the product keywords that are relevant with your product and effective as well. Add the keywords in your Amazon product titles, descriptions, as well as product features. In your product features, your customers will easily get noticed about the advantages of using your product. The keywords can be anything from your product types, features, functions, as well as relevant search terms.

Manage the product Review Rating

I know that sellers can’t control product rating 100% because the customers who can give the stars to sellers. You might receive negative rating although you have done the best. Well, it is a shame since nothing much you can do. But you can check if their reviews are within the Amazon’s guidelines or not. If they violate the rules, you can ask the Amazon to remove it.

The right pricing strategies

The pricing can be the most determining factor of your product to get noticed by your customers. So, make sure that you have researched the pricing in your competitors. If you can play around with the competitive price, you can get more opportunities to get more sales. There’s a chance that you have jumped into such competitive niche. Repricing the products is necessary since the trend can be changing from time to time. There might be hundreds of products in your store. You don’t have to adjust the price manually. You can simply use repricing software to help you out.

Your product reviews

Product reviews can be the breath of your product and store reputations. It is like the social signals as you see in social media. Getting the good product reviews for your store is not easy, especially if you’ve just added the listing. As a start, you could use automated feedback services like Feedback Express to ease you encouraging your customers to write the reviews. If you have more funds, you could add them to more promotional campaigns. Make sure to improve your services and product quality. If you provide great solutions to your customers, they won’t be disappointed and will create positive reviews.

The fields of search terms

There are back-end Search Terms fields that you can use to make your product listing more visible when your customers are searching your product.

There are 250 bytes limits for the keywords. These terms should be something that is not used in your product copy. You can also add the LSI keywords to other sections such as Target Audience, Intended Use, as well as Subject Matter. However, make sure that the terms revolve around the names. Intended Use fields could describe the type of your products, for instance: male sneakers, steel toe shoes, etc.

Then there is the Subject Matter field which relates to your product. For instance, if you are selling male sneakers, then your Subject Matter can be sports, gym, fashion, or else.

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