Amazon Product Reviews Guidelines, Rules and Update 2018

26Jun, 2018

One of the very first things that customers lookup when purchasing a product online is the reviews from the previous customers. In many occasions, you’ll agree that reviews hold an essential role in designating the company, brand, and the product’s credibility.

The renowned online marketplace like Amazon lets the users write the honest reviews of the products sold online. With the reports, the other buyers can have the hint on the product they are looking at. But what you can expect from the online marketplace is that it will never be free from scam artists, trolls, and competitor’s feeders.

Because of these, Amazon has been very clear about the rules for users who participate in the Amazon marketplace community. For all the users of Amazon, here are what you need to know.

Amazon is assertive

Many people overlook the rules of the reviews. The reviews guidelines are there to follow. Amazon won’t play around. If the users are violating the community rules, they will get the penalties. Some can’t use the community features; some even lose their account entirely. In the worst scenario, someone can get into jail when breaking the community rules in Amazon. It goes without a saying that it is essential to comply with the community guidelines and regulations.

But Amazon also upholds the rights of sellers. If you notice some biased reviews, you have the right to reach out the customer care. You may not opt out the possibility that there’s someone who wants to hurt your business by giving such unfair reviews to your product. You could report this to Amazon.

What you need to know about the community abuse

As we mentioned before, community abuse might not be avoidable. There are sensible reasons why many people misuse the Amazon reviews guidelines and rules.

Just like in other communities, you have probably known about this fact. Some people just don’t get it. They are acting crazy and only a problem maker. Their pattern is understandable. They want to get involved with various communities online and spread bad news about something. Sometimes, they are just trolling.

There are also some users who are just too desperate for their store’s sales. They want to post something in the community so that other people will look at their products pages.

There are also some dirty competitors who hire fake reviewers to hurt your business. Those people are con artists who are purchasing your products and pretend to be disappointed with your products. It is always safe to report these people to Amazon customer support. Amazon will “take care” of these people. Well, what we said about putting someone in jail is true. Amazon is suing people who posted fake reviews.

It is also safe to assume that you won’t hire fake reviewers to do some productive purposes for your business. So, it is pivotal to stay safe and play by the book.

Eligible community users

In Amazon Review Guidelines, you will need to be an eligible user to be the part of the community.

The requirement is easy. To be an eligible user in the community, ones need to spend $50 through their credit or debit card. We believe that it is a natural requirement. After all, users who have a decent internet connection and device to market their product online can spend that money on Amazon.

Relevant conversation

Amazon encourages all the users to be the part of the conversation. Being eligible one is not enough. You need to make sure that your comments are relevant or helpful.

It is pivotal to write the comments that are relevant to the topic discussed in the community area. For instance, if you are a customer and want to leave a review of a product you purchased, it should be about the product. It works the same when you post a question or answer about the product.

Also, you can’t mention the product price or availability in the reviews.

Be a civilized user

It is simple and easy to be a civilized user. But some people can’t just hold their thoughts.

For the natural part, you should not post anything that is toxic, threatening, harassing, defamatory, or inflammatory. Use your sense and before posting any comment, think about the recipients.

Just because other folks can’t do what you want does not give your privilege to attack the particular person. But you have the right to question or argue as long as it is relevant to the topic. Consider supporting their opinions rather than attacking the other users personally. We know that it is hard to resist the temptation to make other people pay for what they did. But you should have a calm state of mind. After all, there is customer support who’s ready to help you around the clock. If you notice some users violate the community guidelines and rules, don’t hesitate to report them. You don’t have to risk your account in the process.

Also, Amazon forbids you to be an imposter. It is probably cool to log in to Amazon and pose as Tom Cruise. You can be sure that all folks consider yours as fake. When someone moderates it and report it to Amazon, someone can use you for being an imposter.

Don’t Spam

Many users of Amazon do not care about it too much. If you have been using Amazon for a while, you will notice that some folks keep sending the same messages. You can’t post anything that relates to your product or business of yours or someone you know. Amazon also bans the activities which involve talking about the other’s brands or products. That means you can’t post content that relates to your competitor. And not least significant is that you don’t post the content in exchange for something. Amazon has zero tolerance for this kind of violation.

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