Amazon Review Management

As a number one online marketplace in the world, Amazon can be your pool to fish. As a seller, if you are looking to improve your brand awareness, you will want to enhance your product listing so that your customers will tend to purchase from you. In this case, the review is the key to the successful Amazon product listing. Reviews are prevalent for your listing ranking and sales improvement.

Amazon product reviews can play an essential role in how visible your products noticed on Amazon. The statistic has shown that around 80% online shoppers check on reviews before deciding to purchase. This percentage is indeed a big deal. That makes it sensible that most business owners are considering this seriously. The bad reviews can indeed jeopardize their businesses.

In the beginning, the good and bad reviews are inevitable. However, you won’t need to be deterrent about this. All reports can help to boost your business significantly. We are here to help you to manage the Amazon reviews so that your page will have amazing reviews without risks of transgressing the Amazon rules.

The importance of reviews

Amazon has an internal search engine which is empowered by the A9 algorithm. Amazon has its unique characteristic when it comes to the ranking factors. The reviews, in this case, are the common ranking factor for Amazon search results. What the businesses should uphold is that the verified reviews have been the priority for the Amazon. Amazon favors the verified reviews more because these are coming from the real buyers. Reviews can bring customers to your products.

Getting more reviews with Amazon requirements

Establishing more reviews can be better for your seller reputation and the snowballing effects on the bestseller ranking. It is imperative to focus on getting more reviews of the Amazon products. However, not all customers consent to give subjective reviews. It might be letting down your business. We can help you to encourage more of these reviews from the satisfied customers too.

As you might have known before right off the bat, you will want to be aware of the Amazon rules on attaining reviews. They made the rules to prevent people from tricking the system and do such unfair reviews about the competitors.

Our staff knows well about the Amazon rules so that we can help you to manage the Amazon reviews based on the regulations posted by the company. Here are some brief points that we will lead for you:

  • The seller may not display the reviews or ratings to their account
  • The sellers will not pay for the customers to give the excellent review, but they can request reports from buyers.
  • The sellers can give the products away in exchange for unbiased reviews
  • The sellers are not allowed to manipulate rankings by any means.
  • And many more….

The Product Reviews

Product reviews are coming from the customer reviews with the stars ratings on each product in your listing. The stars rating measurement is from one to five. The average scores will be shown on the product page as well as on the search results page. It does not matter whether the Amazon users purchase your products or not, they are eligible to leave a review for a given ASIN.

However, Amazon will make a distinction between the  “Verified Purchase” and not verified one. The product reviews are indeed pivotal for your Amazon Marketplace. So it is imperative to accumulate as many positive product reviews as possible. It is one of the best Amazon reviews management.

The seller reviews

It is a bit different from the product reviews. Seller reviews inform the seller feedback in general. It is accumulated from the customers who have purchased the products from you. They will have the eligibility to give seller feedback. The variables that determine the seller feedbacks are the shipping speeds, the item quality, customer service, and many more. The Amazon customers are also able to leave the rating.

The seller Feedback Rating will work under your company’s name.

Let Us do the work for you!

Getting reviews on Amazon has been challenging because if you don’t do it the right way, it can lead to account suspension or closure. Amazon will value the real reviews from shoppers. It is indeed a daunting task for you. However, with our help, you can get Amazon reviews faster, and we can help you to maximize the reviews to boost your product sales. Contact us now for further information.