A Complete Guide Of Amazon Seo Ranking Algorithm 2017

17Sep, 2017

Amazon product ranking algorithm Search Ranking major Factor

Amazon algorithm for product search and ranking is known as A9. From the A9 guide, we come to know how products are ranked by Amazon. A9 starts the process of ranking different products well in advance so that by the time the customer starts his search the search results are provided in two steps. Amazon maintains a huge catalog of product listings. Once the customers enter the search word, Amazon pulls the results that are relevant to the search term. After pulling out those results Amazon will sort them to arrange them so as to look most relevant to the customer. When a customer makes Amazon search, Amazon tries to provide the best results to the customer.

The Amazon algorithm is evaluated again and again after considering verdicts given by human beings, business metrics, performance metrics and program analysis. The method of measuring of relevancy by Amazon is different from the method adopted by Google to measure relevancy. While Amazon shows during the Amazon search the product that the customer is more likely to buy Google shows the results that provide the best answer to the query made by the customer. Ranking of the products by Amazon is a more straightforward process in Amazon when compared to the ranking process of Google.

Ensuring maximum revenue per customer

Amazon SEO is based on various internal factors. Amazon has no off page SEO. Amazon makes use of the internal factors to determine how a product is ranked. Amazon is not worried about social media, links and domain authority. The prime goal of Amazon is to ensure maximum RPC – Revenue Per Customer. Each and every action by the customer on the website of Amazon is promptly tracked. The purpose of Amazon algorithm is to make use of the tracked data to ensure maximum RPC. As far as Amazon SEO is concerned, the three most important ranking factors are Conversion Rate, Relevancy and Customer Satisfaction, and Retention. Amazon considers the factors that have an impact on conversion rates. These factors include customer reviews, pricing and image quality. Product title and product description are the Relevancy Factors. The Relevancy Factors help to find out whether a particular product page can be considered for a particular search term. Customer Retention Factors include feedback from seller and Order Defect Rate.

According to Amazon, if the customer is happy and if he keeps coming back, the maximum profit can be made out of him. Amazon is aware of the fact that Customer Retention is the great secret behind maximizing RPC. For the ranking of products, Amazon makes use of not only the real conversion rates but also the conversion rates that are predicted. Amazon predicts a lower conversion rate when the price of the product is higher than that of similar products.

Optimizing the product title

One can easily understand how Amazon SEO differs from Google SEO just by finding out how Amazon is optimizing the product title. Google always prefers an engaging title with the keyword closer to the beginning. In the case of Amazon, one has to care more about the Amazon keywords. The keywords can have even more than eighty characters and instead of having a few keywords, Amazon likes to have too many keywords. Amazon attaches more importance to bullet points. It is a must for Amazon products to have the bullet points displayed just below the price and other product options. Amazon does not allow products if they are without bullet points featured in the box. The products without bullet points fail to get good rankings by Amazon. The bullet points must contain a lot of Amazon Keywords. The keywords must be easily readable and should not be confusing.

Use keyword just once

The product description is the most important part of a product which is on the page of Amazon. The features of the products are expanded in the product description. One has maximum control over the product description page and one has to put maximum effort to make the product description effective. Unlike Google keyword, the Amazon Keyword needs to appear only once on the product page. Just by making the keyword to appear multiple times, there will be no additional benefit. If a keyword is mentioned once on the product page that is sufficient to get the product ranked by Amazon.

Listing completion and Price

The completeness of product listing is very important for Amazon algorithm. The listing completeness is very important for Amazon SEO Also. In the listing page, no single field should remain blank so as to ensure higher ranking of the product. When the product listing is complete the product will have more chances to appear at the top of the search results. The price of the product is a very important factor used by Amazon to predict the conversion rate. Amazon will show the product in the buy box after considering the price of the product. Hence, for Amazon, the price of the product is a major factor while picking up the product.

Here the basic fact is that customers are always in search of the best deals. Another important aspect to note here is that the Add to Cart button is provided on the page where the buy box is provided.

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