Recommended Ways to Optimize Amazon Product Listing Pages

26Jun, 2018

Amazon has evolved from year to year. It is no longer moderate marketplace wherein you could only purchase favorite books online. It has around 500 million products for sale this year.

This massive marketplace is filled by the competitive stores that spread around the world. It is natural that the new sellers are struggling to promote their products in the big pool of competitors.

When you are serious about your Amazon business, you will need to uphold the right Amazon SEO practices so that you can optimize your Amazon product pages. Making your products listing appear relevant to as many search queries as you can is indeed the key to your success.

Many factors can affect the ranks of your products on Amazon. For both new and old players in the market, taking your time to understand your market and competitors will give you inspiration about what strategy you need to implement.

Here we are going to share you the secret sauces that you can try. Keep in mind that not all sellers know about these.

The outline of product listing

It is essential to understand the overview of your product listing. Here are the things you should consider.

The Title Is King

You must know the power of a reasonable claim. People will be more attracted to the catchy title rather than standard and boring ones.

The SEO people know about this concept. Amazon upholds the same principle. Give the listing page great title that represent your product. When you read the title, try to position yourself as a customer. Ask yourself whether the title is descriptive enough or not. In the title, include the brand, product type, color, and other relevant keywords.

Keep in mind that you write your title for humans. Amazon indeed has its algorithms, but people are real. When people see your product title, they will need to understand or to be impressed so that they can click your product. Create optimize title for customer not only the search algorithms.

Quality Image

The images in your product page should be compliant to the Amazon photo’s rules. Use the high-quality photos, contain no watermarks and in big pixels. Give your product more pictures to give a good impression.

You can upload up to 9 images including the featured image. Well, you can maximize them all. Pictures are essential. These are what make the first impression of your product to move next for create interest about products.   

If necessary, you could invest in professional photographer’s services to ensure that you capture the best sides of your products. The professional photographers will know how to bring the potential of your product by shooting from different angles and different distances.

Key features of your product (bullet point)

You can have more points in your listing. Keep in mind that you should only focus on the values. Try to add the most important features at the top. Don’t hide them. There’s a Q&A section in each Amazon product page. You will want to answer the customer’s questions with courtesy and professionality. Mention the quality, material, and the other advantages of the products.

Bullet points are constructive when it comes to boosting your Amazon product page. It gives the highlighted information about the product. It is also easier to scan in the Amazon search engine. When a buyer wants to find specific information, bullet points can help your product page coming out in the top queries.

Product Description

Here is the space to explain your product details more in-depth. In the description box, you will have the freedom to define your product in every point of view.

Your description should be short and dense. It talks about how it will become the solution to the problem that they have been struggling. The features and benefits are available in the description box. You could use storytelling method to describe the product, or any style you like will probably work.

The keywords list

Chances are you prepare dozens of the keyword to rank. You will need to list all the potential keywords. But first, you will need to know what keyword your competitors use. The keyword will help you determine the exact keywords that you’d want to focus to drive more traffic to your product page. The best way to find the best keywords is to be the help of keyword research tool. And you can use amazon auto fill process pick the golden keywords for the product, The keywords carry more sales conversation from search traffic. 

Do Your Best Research

When you have compiled the potential keywords, the next thing to do is to test your keywords. Type your main keywords in the Amazon search. You will see the results from your competitors. You will understand who are your tough competitors. It does not matter if your product position page is losing. You could see a weakness or two from your competitor. You will learn a lot of things from them. So, take your time and research. Use different marketplace as well for better research such as eBay, walmart etc.

Conversion Optimization 

Amazon indeed has a search engine. But it is not the same as Google. Amazon’s algorithm is pretty stable. It remains static and learn able. That means once you know the basic of Amazon algorithm, you will be able to conduct your marketing approach and expect the positive results.

Your goal in Amazon is Sales conversion. The more you convert, the more your products will be featured. For instance, more and more customers purchase your product, you will get more good reviews. Amazon naturally showcases and uphold the products that have more positive reviews. It works as simple as that. So, if you have good products in your warehouse, you should be confident as well.

Work to increase your Amazon reviews. The ratings will give you more credibility so that you will quickly sell the other products as well.

Include ASIN

When you use your ASIN in every product, you will procure chain of reaction. For instance, when your specific product is featured, there’s a chance that other products with the same ASIN come up.

Use the Amazon PPC

You could invest a little in Amazon PPC ad. This will help to improve your product visibility in Amazon. All you need to do is to select the keywords, your products and set the bids on how much you are willing to spend for the Ads. Try with automatic camping for start the pick the main keywords and run a manual camping for improve rank position with guaranteed sales. Or use any professional services for manage everything from start.

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