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Why opt for an Amazon PPC agency service?

Increase your eCommerce sales with Amazon Ad Management Services

No matter how big or small an e-commerce seller you are, you can’t turn a blind eye on Amazon. Not putting up your products there trying to get the sales is the biggest mistake you can ever make.
There is a lot of money to cash in here. Though, it comes with a lot of competition too. So, to come up on top of the competitors, you’ve got to have a proper plan and need to execute it with perfection. And for doing that, you’ve got to need to have Spromoter by your side.

What’s Spromoter, you ask?
We’re an experienced Amazon PPC agency. What we do is help scale e-commerce businesses in the largest online marketplace in the world. We let your products and brands get the eyes of the millions of visitors coming to Amazon. Using the creative product display ads, video ads, and the boost of sponsored products, we give businesses a chance to flourish just like you’ve always envisioned.

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Maximise your PPC potential with Clear Ads

It’s Time to Take Your Amazon Advertising to the Next Level

That even with a lower advertising cost and a higher ROI that always eluded your business in the past. We here at Spromoter give our promise to deliver result-driven Amazon advertising strategies that are sure to succeed.

So, what are the services you will be getting that will steer your business towards success in the Amazon platform?

We help Amazon Sellers By:

Creating a full advertising strategy, based on set company objectives

Improving organic rankings for profitable keywords through Sponsored Product Ads

Increasing Amazon sales and your return on advertising spend

Decreasing your ACoS

Benefitting from the most current beta releases available on Amazon

Providing a dedicated account specialist who aligns with your goals and will research and fully understand your business


Amazon Sponsored Products

For a new e-commerce company to compete with the thriving ones in the Amazon platform might seem quite impossible. There is hardly any chance of getting discovered on the search results. And that already puts you out of the equation of gaining any market share. Let alone beat the leaders within the top tier. Unless, if you can somehow manage to level the playing field.

With a proper Amazon PPC strategy, you can do just that.
You can drive the customers away from the top dogs towards your store with a well-executed strategy. Using our optimized sponsored products campaign, get on top of the pile of the product pages. Let it be found in the search results.

And get all that with a lower cost per click while improving the conversions to win over the market with a better ROI.

Amazon Display Ads

Boost Discoverability and Profitability

When customers aren’t on your Amazon storefront. They still can be looking around the marketplace. So, you can still try to engage them to buy your products. To do that, we will come up with lucrative display ads showing up all around the platform. We will help them find their way to the store. Our display ads will lead them to customized landing pages to make sure they find consistency with the ad copies. This will create brand awareness for the company.
We not only will give you attractive ads that depict the story of your brand while showing what you’ve got to offer to the customers. We will also ensure to target the right audience to make sure those beautifully portrayed ads of your brands don’t get wasted, and make the conversions to give you better ROI.


Amazon Sponsored Brands

Getting impressive sales on the Amazon platform can get sellers shortsighted. While you enjoy those hefty turnovers, you’re missing the bigger picture of building your brand to drive the traffic from Amazon towards your business straight. The missed opportunity of connecting with the consumers and getting their loyalty comes to haunt you back. Even if they love your product, they don’t come back to your business because they don’t remember it. And that’s where you’re missing out on the big bucks.

Repeat purchasers are what add value to a brand. But without brand recognition, you can’t expect to get that. That’s where Spromoter’s expertise comes to great use. We will get the brand at the forefront of the Amazon search result. Our sponsored branding campaigns focus on promoting the company identity when the products get searched on Amazon. We will get the logo and tagline of your business imprinted on the shopper’s mind. This will create brand awareness that you need for the people to connect with it.

So, whoever finds great use using the products will be able to look for your brand and find you on the platform. Or they can even go looking for your business website and purchase from there directly.

And get all that with a lower cost per click while improving the conversions to win over the market with a better ROI.

Amazon video ads

No doubt a picture can tell a thousand words. But a video showing exactly what’s going on will do an even better job than that. With our video ads crafted for the Amazon landscape, you can make a greater impact on the Amazon platform and start selling your products like hotcake.
Don’t worry about the higher cost per click!
Whether you’re a small business or a medium one, you can commit to the ad format with us here at Spromoter. We will give you the ultimate optimized video ad campaign that will help you get the returns on the investment you always wish to get.

Amazon Sponsored Products Management Results

Amazon PPC Case Studies

Before you sink your hard-earned money into Amazon advertising, you should know that it’s a complicated process. Amazon sponsored products advertising, in particular, should be executed with a well-defined strategy.

Many customers have hired sPromoter for its Amazon PPC services after going at it alone by making their best-educated guess. In the end, they cost themselves a lot of money with very little return on investment.

Here’s how our Amazon PPC agency removes any guessing from the equation:

We help you set realistic goals.
We establish a clear strategy that aligns with your unique business needs.
Right away, we aim to increase your ROI and decrease your advertising
cost of sales (ACoS).

Ready to Grow Your Amazon Business? Work with the Amazon Marketing Agency with Proven Results

Amazon DSP hub:
To manage all your ad campaigns, whether you’re running a display ad, a video one, or sponsoring the products or brand on the Amazon eco-system, you can keep track of all of them in one place: the Amazon DSP.
If it’s too complex for you to handle and don’t know how to optimize a campaign based on the results it brings in, ask for expert help. Our PPC management team will provide you with all the knowledge to fine-tune all your campaigns to let them run smoothly as you hoped.
How Spromoter works to give the best results?
Our amazing Amazon PPC management team works systematically to ensure the best of results.
No PPC campaign is worth investing in if you don’t know the ins and outs of the market. So, we focus solely on researching the products and the businesses in that niche to make sure whether it’s worth diving into it or not.
We aim to find a fitting, affordable and profitable PPC campaign that will help your business to take off the ground on the Amazon network.
Every business has its customer. You can’t just go out and start a campaign catering to all thinking to get those interested coming towards your brand. That strategy is doomed to fail. Our expert team understands the need for creating targeted marketing campaigns for the audience that is likely to be glad to find your products and we will find use from it.
By targeting the audience of the products based on their location, income, devices used, and things like that, we can manage to reap better outcomes than one can ever do with a one-size-fits-all campaign.
Campaign setup:
After researching the market and finding the right strategy to execute, we come to the part where we set up the campaign for your brand. Coming up with the perfect structure for ad groups, keywords to target, budget, duration, and much other stuff, we will get your products to be discovered on the platform for the intended search keyword. This will increase the chance of making the sales while lowering the cost per bid.
Constant monitoring:
Unlike others, we don’t just devise a plan, execute it and say goodbye leaving it there. No! Spromoter Amazon PPC management team will continuously monitor the progress of the ad campaigns and make changes according to the results to make sure you have a better cost-per-lead. This process of constant upgrades of keywords, optimization, and other necessary steps will keep you ahead of the competition and be on top of the Amazon search results.
We will analyze every aspect there is to give you the best ROI while keeping you always in the loop to make sure we work together to scale the brand to reach new heights.

Who we are?
Spromoter is a digital marketing agency that works wonders for businesses online to help them reach their goal of becoming a household brand name in the web world. We help people get their business to take off the grounds to help them generate leads that will turn into sales.
We provide you services like Amazon PPC management, alongside solutions like inbound marketing, SEO, content marketing, social media marketing to help your business to flourish online.
We aim to help businesses to succeed to create a lasting relationship with the clients to help our company to grow alongside theirs. Providing solutions based on particular business needs following the best industry practices and innovations all the time, we manage to provide the perfect recipe for success in the digital platform like none other.
Why choose us?
Innovative solutions:
You can’t bound yourself to best industry practices to drive the results. With time, you’ve got to be creative with the strategies to ensure they achieve the best result. And here at Spromoter, we do that with innovative ideas for businesses to succeed in the digital world.
Take full responsibility:
We don’t erase the tasks from the board after executing a marketing plan. Nope! We keep a tab on every campaign of ours to make sure how they’re performing and make changes to them according to that while keeping you in the loop to take the next steps to get even better outcomes from them.
Up-to-date knowledge:
Our across-the-board work knowledge in various industries gives us the edge over the competition. We assure you that we will provide the best solution for your brand. With constant changes in Google and other online platforms going around, you can see a nasty drop from the top. Not in our watch. Our expert team adapts to these changes faster than anyone. Therefore, your business will keep on the top of the chart no matter what changes take place.
Build relationship:
For use, keeping our clients happy is the top priory. We are always there for our customers to provide all kinds of customizing campaigns, solutions, and whatever they need from us to help their brand to grow.

Ready to Grow Your Amazon Business?