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Helium 10 Updated Review – Is It Still Worth It

Helium 10 Updated Review – Is It Still Worth It

Starting up an online business might not be a pleasant experience, you would have to deal with quite a lot of things. If you want to be successful, you would have to prepare the Amazon tools. These tools would be able to help you improve various crucial aspects in your business like product research and keyword research. You might also want to make use of Amazon PPC which would optimize your advertising cost. However, now you can make use of an amazing software which could do almost all those works for you, the Helium 10.

This is originally a software suite for Amazon which had 10 tools the first time it was released. But now there are already several additions to the bundle and since then the software has become more powerful. So, read this Helium 10 review below before you decide. 

Most Amazon sellers have recognized Helium 10 as a tool that could make your starting up a lot easier. It has several features that would really be a big help for sellers. Frankenstein for example is an amazing tool for keyword research with list builder and management tool. Other than that, Helium 10 also has a tool to provide you with product research, the Trendster. Unquestionably, there would also be more tools to help you optimize everything you would need to sell your products conveniently and safely. There are a total of 19 tools that you can choose from their official website. Here are some of them.

Keyword Research tools

If you want your product to be known publicly, you need to grab the right keywords. The problem is there are so many keywords possible just for one product. However, you don’t need to list them all, you would just need some of the most popular keywords to put your store into the top list. There are some apps that could help you to solve this problem. There is this tool called Magnet that could do all the analytics about keywords.

The details provided are just amazing. You would be able to see the volume metrics of the keywords that are being used per day. Then you could specify your search results and use them as a reference for other tools. After all the lookup and listings, you can use Frankenstein. This tool allows you to manage the keywords you have been looking up. A giant list then would be generated and there, the tool will manage and organize the keywords for you. If you want to check the popularity of each keyword, either on Amazon or general searches, you could use Trendster. Well, to put it simply, it is like owning their own version of Google Trends. Even you can enjoy almost similar features like the seasonality of the trending keywords.

There is also a tool to help you improve your listing on Amazon by providing reverse ASIN lookup. Using this Cerebro, you could look up the top ranking products on Amazon and find out what needs to be improved on yours. There is also this Scribble tool to help you narrow down all the long important keywords list. Then you can choose to include them in your Amazon listing. Besides, the tool will keep track of your keywords usage. It will show the ones that you used and the ones to be included yet. Don’t forget about Misspellinator. This fantastic tool could convert the misspelling into a traffic to your products. You just need to look up for the mistakes people often make when looking up a product on Amazon or general search engines. 

Product Research Tools

Product research is what you would need to develop your services and stores. For example the XRay Chrome extension from Helium 10. This add on allows you to take a peek into prices, trends, Amazon PPC analytics, and the revenue estimates. You can see all these things just from a single keyword search. Keeping track of your business development has never been faster than using the Profit. This incredible tool allows you to see your complete business report data live. From there, you could monitor your gross revenue, margins, promotions, and any data you might need to develop your business on Amazon. What else could make you spend hours of work just for one problem other than the refund process.

Helium 10 is well aware of the problem and designed the Refund Genie to help you pre-setting the refund process from Amazon. You should know for years that the refunding process would always be drawn out and confusing. With this tool, you would be able to prewrite templates in case you deal with a refunding process. There, you would provide the breakdown of what you should get from Amazon and save a lot of preparation time.

Besides all those works, you would be able to see what people say about your products and other similar products with Review Downloader. This amazing tool allows you to quickly collect reviews on certain products. It could include a product from your own store or anything you are planning to sell. This way you can quickly find out about people’s opinion of the product. 

The Price

Such powerful Amazon tools that surely could be a huge help for starters. How much do you need to spend on such a product? You can always make use of the free plan to find out how Helium 10 can contribute to your business development on Amazon. However, their usage will be very limited and you will not experience its full potential as in paid subscription.

The complete package costs you starting from $97 per month for the lowest tier. If you are just starting to know e-commerce platforms, this would be a good starting experience. After you are familiar with Amazon Tools and Amazon PPC, you can slowly upgrade your tier regarding your needs.  If you choose to subscribe to the highest tier, you will get a chance to improve your ecommerce skills through workshops. In addition, there would be opportunities to expand your network into high level ecommerce networks. 

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