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Jungle Scout Review: Make Amazon Product Research Easy

Jungle Scout Review: Make Amazon Product Research Easy

Struggling to find your feet as a seller on Amazon, then the Jungle Scout review is for you.
For Amazon sellers, doing product research is one of the most soul-destroying tasks ever there is. Even after giving so much time and effort, you can never be sure whether you will ever reap any benefits for all the hard work you’ve put.
It is why many people give up on their dream while many fail to get their business off the ground in Amazon. No doubt you can sell almost anything on the platform. But not everyone can find the right product that sells like hotcakes.
Finding that niche market to engage customers and make them purchase your product is one of the hardest things to manage. Failing to know what is in demand and where the competition is cutthroat to avoid that niche is what ultimately sets up an Amazon seller for success or failure.
Not to forget, you’ve got aware of other variables like pricing, size, and whatnot. Doing all that research looking into Amazon will take a seller forever. And yet, he/she might fail.
That’s where the game-changing tool from Jungle Scout makes the real difference. Stick around to find out about it in more detail.

What is Jungle Scout?
So, you’ve already got a hint of what the Jungle Scout is. If you haven’t picked that up, then let me clear that out for you. Jungle Scout is an online tool. You can get it even on your Google Chrome browser as an extension.
The tool is the brainchild of Greg Mercer who came up with it in 2015 intending to make Amazon seller's life a bit easier. What he came up with is a system that allows you to do research on Amazon products easily. You don’t have to sit in front of your laptop, going through all the products in a category from Amazon and picking up the right ones for your selling purpose.
Jungle Scout does that for you. It saves all the time and effort you had to put in the past while ensuring a higher chance of identifying the right products to sell.

Jungle Scout—the Chrome Extension:
As most people use chrome, starting with the chrome extension for review makes sense.
So, once you’ve got it installed on your browser, you can get products in a niche and their details. What’s great is that, when you use the tool, it comes up with the top 16 products in the niche you’re looking to work.
From there, you can see things like average daily sales, sales rank, selling price, reviews on that product. And if you’re using the Pro version, you will get another attribute named the Opportunity score.
Using these 4/5 metrics, finding the right niche to start working on won’t be that hard to figure out. That’s because you can see the market opportunity, competition, and demand right away with a single search which would have to take you weeks or even months to do manually. And even then, there is always the risk of making mistakes. Not a chance of that when using Jungle Scout extension.
That said, knowing about the various features Jungle Scout offers you as a user would help you to truly assert its value.

So, here are the features that you will get with the extension:
Monthly sales and revenue: Using this, you can know about the product's sale in a month and how much revenue it brings about within the 30 days.
Industry-leading accuracy: With the feature, you can get an estimated sale of a product in Amazon that gets predicted by the leaders within the industry.
Rating and review tracking: One of the key aspects that make people buy or avoid buying a particular product from Amazon is its rating and reviews. Keeping track of each product's review and rating hasn’t been any easier before the inception of Jungle Scout.
  • Besides all that, it got other features like:
  • Category and Seller ranking
  • Ongoing Support and Updates
  • Web app advance integration
  • Sales Item profit calculator
  • Dimension and weight of items
  • FBA fee estimator
  • Opportunity score
  • Historical price, rank, and Sales Data
  • All kinds of data get provided to the user to find that lucrative product that will help you to create the funnel for a passive income using the affiliate program.

Recipe for success—resources that you need to know about:
There are some important tools and free resources as a user, you should know about to ensure success.
Check them out below.
Amazon FBA Calculator:
This tool by Amazon is one of the most crucial ones that you should know about. Using it seller can determine the cost and revenue of a prior listing. Even you can know the profit margins before anyone orders the product. Maintaining a 40% profit margin should be the goal.
Sales Estimator:
Using the tool, you will enter the sales rank of a product and it will give you the estimated sales per month of that product.
Listing Grader:
Being able to list right on Amazon is what determines success. You can leave this up to Jungle Scout as it will analyze the listing you’ve got and complete the listing to make sure it can convince potential clients to buy the stuff.
Try these tools alongside the earlier ones, and you’ve got yourself the recipe to have a successful Amazon affiliate campaign.

Jungle Scout Review—The Web App:
Jungle Scout also has a web app. Using it is also as easy as the extension. What’s great is that, when you buy the subscription for the tool, you get access to the chrome extension for free. No need to pay extra bucks to use the extension as users had to do that in the past.
Coming back to the Jungle Scout web tool. It got a massive database with Amazon listings. You can search here using many factors like category, rank, sales, revenue, price, and a couple of other stuff to narrow down the scope.
This way, finding the right product becomes easier. Playing with the settings, you will be able to find the game-changing sub-niche that will help you get those big bucks.
Now, the Jungle Scout comes in three price ranges. You can check them out and find the right plan based on your need to get the best results using the tool.
However, I will suggest starting with the Suite version of the tool as it will offer you a lot of cool features. Here they are:
Product database
Chrome extension
Product tracker
Monitor competition
Historical sales and rank Data
Time-saving filters
International marketplaces
Niche Hunter
Keyword Scout
Advance seller features
Add multiple users

That’s more stuff than you will ever need to track down that lucrative niche. However, if you need help, then you can always opt for the professional version with even more added features.
And for the users who just need it to verify their Amazon research, they can use the Basic package.

Game-changing additions in Jungle Scout Web App:
In recent years, to make the life of Amazon sellers a bit easier, Jungle Scout having to add more and more new features to its already brilliant tool. Here are some of them that going to change how you as a seller operate your business.
Supplier Database:
One of the most ground-breaking features that Jungle Scout added to its tool in current years is the Supplier Database. Finding the right supplier is what makes or breaks the game. And to help you find out the best ones, the Web app got a massive database of all the suppliers that big brands use to get their products. Not just that, you can even get information about your competitor’s suppliers to get an upper hand on them.
The thing great about this feature is that it allows you to find suppliers according to the keyword of the product, company, and even the ASIN. This targeted search makes it easy to figure out from where the competition is getting their products.
Keyword Scout:
You can list thinking you’ve got it right on the money to get those sales, and still you might come with nothing. Listing is quite a crucial part of becoming a successful Amazon seller. Having the right product is not everything. To sell those products, you’ve got to get those things to come up on the search results. And for that, you need to use tools like Keyword Scout. By using the right keywords on the listing page will help you to get higher search results on the platform.
On the other end, looking at key numbers like search volume as well as the PPC associated with that keyword will help you to devise the right plan for the listing page for the products you sell.
The true game-changer is the PPC part. You can know whether the niche is worth entering into or not by looking at how much you’ve got to bid to spend.
When you launch a new product on the Amazon platform, it is hard to get it rolling. To help with that comes the Launch feature. You can tie it up with the seller portal. What it will do is send an email with that new product to a pool of buyers. This will improve the odds of rolling in the money. Once the money starts coming into the account from the sales, Launch will follow up to those buyers with an email for reviews to boost the sales.
Not every Amazon seller is equipped with the skill to know how to make his/her business successful on the platform. To help out those newcomers, the Jungle Scout web app got something called Academy.
From here, they can watch tutorials and learn to get better turnovers selling their stuff on Amazon. The platform doesn’t only teach how to use Jungle Scout to do it. It gives all the insight knowledge to become a thriving Amazon seller with all the nitty-gritty knowledge that’s crucial to be successful.
The Jungle Scout review shows you its value. Amazon product research has never been this easy. So, don’t waste your time doing the research manually over months. Try out the tool now and let the money to come fast.
It got plenty of useful features and plenty are continuously getting added to its arsenal to make it better with time.
So, don’t wait. Get it now and start making money without you even knowing about the Amazon affiliate program. Don’t worry, if you find any difficulty using the tool, their customer service available 24×7 to help you out.

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