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Ultimate Amazon Product Videos Creating Best Practices for brands

Ultimate Amazon Product Videos Creating Best Practices for brands

It’s no longer a secret that product videos would engage more people and deliver more sales regardless of what you’re selling and Amazon is no different. Your Amazon listings would certainly get better exposure and increase converts after you put a video at it. Videos increase the convertible leads so it’s not optional for ambitious vendors who want to get more sales through the platform.

While videos on Amazon listings would do a great job like somewhere else, creating ones is another case. Let’s find out what you should know about videos on Amazon listings below.

Choose Type of Video Listings

There are different types of Amazon listing videos and you better choose one of them to articulate your marketing or informational content. The videos could be explainers, product showcases, promotions, product reviews, customer testimonials, and so forth. Each video type has its own advantages and it depends on your goals.

  • Promotional video: Showcasing the product and the brand but with more focus on its uses and benefits for buyers.  Promotional videos are usually more general than specific and ideal for brand holders or official distributors.
  • Explainer video: Presenting or demonstrating how the products actually work. Innovative or technical products would be better explained with this kind of video.
  • Product Showcase: it’s an explainer video with non-moving images and focuses on details or parts of the product. With a stock of product images, you can make a wonderful product showcase video.
  • Brand Profile Video: The general concept that contains the story, values, and advantages of your brand or company. These should highly determine what makes your products and services better or at least different from your competitors.
  • Video Reviews: Recording of professionals or influencers giving their opinion on your products. It’s an effective way to expose the advantages of your products in a more realistic way.
  • Customer testimonials: It’s similar to video reviews except that it’s footage of satisfied customers. You can ask your customers to record their opinions that you can use as the materials. To enhance more enthusiasm, you can hold a giveaway to attract more people leaving video feedback over their purchases on your products.

Regardless of what type of product video you want to add, it must not be a full-length profile video. You can’t add the whole thing to the video in a very limited duration which is only 45 seconds maximum but you’re strongly urged to make it under 30 seconds for better exposure. At this point, you need to highlight your product and effectively convince viewers to buy your products.

Adding Videos to Amazon Listings

The next task of creating Amazon listings is to add the videos. There are only different ways of adding videos to Amazon Listings. For approved brand owners running the business in Amazon, the efficient method is by using the “Enhanced Brand Content”.

1. Access the Enhanced Brand Content menu in the Advertising tab on your dashboard

2. Complete the SKU number of the listing you want to refer to and proceed by clicking Get Started. Wait until your screen displays all product details and when the Add Video button appears, click it.

3. Set the thumbnail and complete the title and description of the product. Upload Your video for the Amazon listing by clicking the Submit button.

4. The video would go into a moderation step, and you may have to wait for up to 6 hours for your video approval and going live.

Videos are an opportunity to focus on product attributes without distractions, and show the buyer that they are getting exactly what they want. It’s the best way to show the product’s value, uses, brand information, and unique selling proposition.

Here’s a great example:

How to Use the Video for Your Listings

For the best practice, you need to work on consistent listing videos. These are some tips for effective videos for your Amazon listings:

1. Follow the 30-second rule and keep the best timing in articulating your messages.

2. Consistently add your branding features including brand name, log, signature, icons, etc.

3. Elaborate good music, captions, and text descriptions throughout the video

4. Check the viewership metrics on your Amazon dashboard that disclose information about your video performance

5.  Do improvement on your videos whenever necessary

Moreover, the video must be aligned with your marketing strategy or it would be flops instead of a booster. Avoid lengthy videos to add to your Amazon listings or customers would simply skip it.

Creating Practical Amazon Videos for your Listing

Having tens of listings in Amazon and want to add videos on them? That could be a lot of work but we can get this more practical. You don’t have to take a full video shot or take full footage for each product but we can do collage things. What you need are simple tips to make these videos quick and great only with photo stocks or images already taken on your smartphone.

Make your Photo Move

It’s wonderful to turn your static photo into a moving picture with a simple trick or panning or zooming in, out, up, and down. This method also allows you to showcase the detail of the product if you have HD images.


You can certainly present stock of your photos through a slideshow and record it. You’d have a solid, structural, and even cinematic video to add to your Amazon listings. The slideshow can be so comprehensively accommodating while you can make it instantly.

Animated Text

Even if you have a limited stock of photos, you can certainly add the animated text that would enliven the set of images you’ve previously prepared.  It’s even very effective to showcase the features of the corresponding images behind it. You can create a sense of movement throughout your video despite the fact you only use plain images.

Stock Videos

When it comes to generic video content like for products that have become so common, you may consider taking stock videos.  It has limitations of exploring the details of your product but if you need an on-the-go solution, this is the fastest and easiest solution you can take.

Hire Video Creator

Don’t have time even for editing videos? You may consider hiring a video creator for your listing. There are freelancers who offer video creation or editing services at a competitive price. However, you’d still be the one who can upload the video to your listing.

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